Know How to Fix Runtime Error 1004 in Excel

Excel works on calculations and stores data in the form of tables. Simple programs can be designed on this application to simplify daily complex tasks using VBA code. This is a macro programming language which creates .xlsm files upon closure. Otherwise, an XLS file is created for storing financial data. Often these worksheets come across issues like runtime error 1004 in Excel. This is a common problem encountered by coders as well as businessmen using workbook at the front end. It can be resolved by following simple procedures that can fix the problem in a few steps. Read the following article to find out more on this topic.

Common Excel Run-time Errors and Issues

Following are some of the most repeated problems reported by users with time:

  • Run-Time error 1004: method Ranger of Object Worksheet failed.
  • Excel macro runtime error 1004.
  • Run-time error 1004: Application or object-defined error.
  • Runtime error 1004 method range of object _global failed visual basic.
  • Excel VBA runtime error 1004 "Select method of Range class failed".
  • Run-time error 1004 method VBAProject of object _workbook failed.
  • Save as VBA run-time error 1004: Application defined or object defined error.

Need to Fix Runtime Error 1004 in Excel

Listed here are some of the leading causes of concern when working on an XLS workbook. These can be contributed as the most prominent reasons for this problem:

  • Some problem with the current workbook being used.
  • Corrupted, infected, or damaged XLS file.
  • Incorrect code in VBA project causing errors to pop up.
  • Abrupt closure of a file causing unsaved code to create problems for next time use.
  • Unclosed functions or improper use of pointers.

Solutions to Fix Runtime Error 1004 in Excel File and to Repair XLS File

The main idea for solving this problem is to fix the application used to render the VBA project workbook. Following are some methods to resolve the situation:
Solution#1: Uninstall Microsoft Works

  1. First, go to Task Manager and stop all running programs.
  2. Then, go to Start >> Control Panel >> Add or Remove Program to fix XLS file.
  3. Then, locate Microsoft Work from the list and select it.
  4. Next, click on Remove from the mini navigation bar.
  5. Run a good Antivirus program to scan the system for viruses or malware. These can also be responsible for causing a corrupt XLS file to show errors.

Solution#2: Recover Corrupt Excel Application
  1. First, go to C:\Program Files\MSOffice\Office\XLSTART and delete GWXL97.XLA file.
  2. Restart Excel and try again to check if runtime error 1004 in VBA project has been removed.

Quicker and Faster Way to Recover and Retrieve XLS File

The normal ways are not a preferred by any large organization dealing with crucial customer financial statements. It can be difficult to fix each and every workbook in case of mass corruption. Instead, a company can invest in a low-cost product like the Excel File Recovery software. It can fix all types of Excel errors and remove corruptions from a .xls file. It is faster, powerful and efficient way of restoring important information on Windows PC that can even be used by a non-technical user with no technical expertise. There is no need to have Microsoft Office installed to use this application.

Final Words

It can be quite helpful in knowing all the details about certain issues that corrupt workbooks. It can be troubling even for a VBA coder working on a spreadsheet for calculations. This post can help them analyse the root cause and apply fix measures according. This post has all that one needs to learn about how to fix runtime error 1004 in Excel VBA. Most of the times implementing the manual steps mentioned here can resolve the issue. Often this is not the case and one can go for the third-party tool mentioned here. It is quite effective and ensures total recovery of any lost data or financial record. Try to download and use the demo version to repair unlimited Excel files for free.