Solutions to Fix Excel Errors that Occur Due to Corruption & Recover Lost Data

Louis Black: "From past few days I have been facing an error statement while opening an Excel XLSX file. One of the error messages that prompts is File is corrupt and cannot be opened. Now I do not know how to recover corrupted Excel file. Please help me to find the reliable solution to fix Excel Errors That Occur Due To Corruption & Recover Lost Data."

Shawn Jamie: "I had been trying to repair a folder that contains some important data but, the file is damaged or corrupted. Its a 5 GB folder that contains only Excel documents. Not even a single file is opening and the application is reporting that the format of the file is invalid. I am looking for the best tool or services, free or fee-based that will help me to recover my Excel file data. Please suggest something."

MS Excel is a platform where a user stores and manages their data. Not only for the business purpose, it can also be used for personal purpose. Excel is one of the most important parts of Microsoft suite and it allows the user to create tables, hyperlinks, graphs, labels etc. Even though Excel provides many facilities to its users but, sometimes it happens that files in Excel cannot be opened. The files are corrupted or damaged and become inaccessible to the users.

Errors that Flashes While Opening Any Excel File

Excel shows error statements when users try to open a corrupted Excel file. Some of the error messages that flash up on the screen when a user opens any XLS or XLSX file are:

  • File path is not found
  • Compile error: “cannot find project or library”
  • File is read only and is inaccessible
  • The file is corrupt and cannot be opened.

Easy and Trouble Free Solution to Repair an Excel File

To repair corrupted Excel file, an automated method exists. This method can be done with the help of third-party tool like Excel Recovery. This is the professional solution to fix errors that occur due to corruption and recover lost data. The user interface is so easy that even a non-technical person can easily use this tool without any problem. It will repair corrupted Excel file and retrieve/recovers its data in very short span of time. The distinct features which make it unique from other available products are:

  • The product removes error statements by fixing the corrupted XLS file.
  • Multiple spreadsheets from damaged Microsoft Excel file can be repaired.
  • No size limitation imposed by the tool: Repairs Excel file of any size.
  • Microsoft Office does not need to be installed and configured properly.
  • The best Excel Repair tool maintains the original format of corrupted file.
  • Users can choose the desired location to save the corruption free XLS file.
  • Load and displays the retrieved data from corrupted MS Excel file.

Final Words

Microsoft Excel is the widely accessed program to save the data in the form of databases and manage it. Excel provides many facilitate to its users but, oftentimes it happens that the workbook cannot be opened or repaired by Microsoft Excel because it is corrupted. Due to this, the application keeps throwing error statements. The errors occur because of the software issues like corruption in file or virus attack. For proper working of the Excel file, users can opt for a third-party tool like Excel Recovery. This is the professional solution to fix Excel errors that occur due to corruption and recover lost data. The application has come up with the user-friendly interface that even a non-technical user can ueasily operate it to repair corrupted, damaged, unsaved or crashed Excel XLS/XLSX files without losing any data.